Thursday, February 02, 2006


Because it's on my mind, I'll start with my newest love: making monsters. These are valentines monsters specially for all my friends. I decided to make a whole bunch to test out different materials and designs. Of course I love them all now and don't want to give any away, but I have to, it's what they're for, but before I do I have documented them for posterity.

I guess this kind of monster is around a lot at the moment but the place I got the idea was from a brilliant blog called Moopy + me

I think the things she makes are beautiful, really lovely. This combined with the master Burgerman is where my monsters could be. Now I've made them I feel like I should have sticked on them before i stuffed them then I could have done interesting faces. I think it's a free machining kind of thing though so I need to go home for a lesson mum. Rome wasn't built in a day I suppose.

Anyway, next post makes some introductions.

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