Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pendant Making


I did a silversmithing glass this weekend at Rachels Studio with Rebecca. It was great! I was very rubbish though. It's so hard to get things straight. In the end I just decided to do something that was supposed to look rough and wonky. I wanted to make sure I finished it in the time so I just set about making two big hoops and bashing them flat.



I should have filed and polished the finished thing more but well, it just takes so long and I am such a wimp I got sore arms and fingers by the end of the day. Hitting your finger a few times with a hammer is no joke I can tell you. I can't quite wear the finished thing as one of the jump rings came unsoldered, but once I fix that then I am well chuffed.


Rachel cut her big circle out of flat silver which looked lovely.


Here is her finished necklace minus the polish.


Here is mine after the polish! I sat sanding and polishing all the way home on the train! I wish I could sign up the evening course and make more things!

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