Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Year Review


So it's the first day of 2011, a fine time to take stock of the year.

Things I made this year
An iPad case
The Country Quilt
A baby quilt for a forthcoming baby
A baby quilt for baby Mabel
A pin cushion
Another iPad case
A knitted blanket
A cushion

Unfinished projects from 2010
1. The crazy quilt which I have done NOTHING on.
2. A baby quilt for Mabel Done!
3. The kit to make which I have been saving for a rainy day.
4. The partner to the speaker quilt which I haven't even thought about
5. The Country Quilt, Finished! It was a huge task but I cracked it!
6. The Sawtooth Star Quilt I haven't really tackled it this year as my aim was to clear the decks, so it almost doesn't count.
7. The Stripey Quilt, which I need to do the borders and binding for.

Oh dear, 2 out of 7 is very poor indeed.

Resolutions for 2010

To do a course which I did do in crochet.
To get more done. Well that's always tricky but I think I did pretty well.

Resolutions for 2011
To finish things off instead of starting big new projects (small ones are okay)
To improve my knitting

Better get back to my sewing case...

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