Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sewing Case


I finally finished my sewing cases. I just need to iron the white marker pen out so you can't see where I drew the quilting pattern on. I made two so that I could try different things out on each and learn with one so that the second would be perfect. Of course I just made mistakes on both instead.


I cut the wadding too small. My 1/4 inch sewing didn't leave enough room for the trim. My binding was too thin. My cord too fat... etc etc.. but even with all that, I am very happy with them.


I was intending to give one away, but I love both of them so much, I don't think I can. They have all my favourite scraps of material in them. They are really too precious. And it's always useful to have two of something right? They're the kind of thing that you need when you're on a train doing applique on the move. I bought a new pair of mini scissors just for the other case so now I have two sets of scissors, unpickers, threads, needles and pins. I feel very organised. I still prefer my mums case, but that's always the way I find.


I am also the owner of my very own bodkin now which I found I really couldn't make cord without. I tried with a safety pin but it was arduous work. Then bizarrely enough I was in a cheap shop and there was one right in front of me for £2 and I thought, "why not splash out on a bodkin". I am so very decadent.


Claire Vincent said...

They look great Jay, all the fabrics go together so nicely.

I meant to say, that I made Martin one of the ipad cases for chrimble out of tweed. It was a bit squishy looking, but worked over all. I forgot to take any pics of it though.
c x

This&that said...

Hi ...your little cases are very cute and I am surever handy too. I am still a little new to the blogging world and have just started sharing my work and your work really inspires me. Thank you for sharing it and happy sewing .