Friday, March 15, 2013


20130315-P1250175.jpg So I was trawling through my Pinterst board thinking about what I would like to do next. Since I have basically done nothing since having a baby I feel a little deflated about quilting. Then I decided that even if I don't actually get round to making one, I can at least think about them! That made me feel a little more positive about it all. I also laid out an old quilt which had been packed away. It was lovely and sunny and springlike in parts of today so it was nice to see it in the sunlight and remember how much I love it. That inspires me too.

I really do want to make a scrap quilt like the brilliant Amelia made, but I need all the offcuts from the two big beast quilts I have on the go and I really need to make sure the fabrics are right. So I think I need a smaller, more simple project to fantasize about in the short term. I know I have the Kitty project but I feel bored by everything and I need to think about something fresh to spice up my mind, even if I don't end up doing it. Does that make sense?

One thing that has caught my eye is this triangle quilt by Elise.
It is not the triangles as much as it is the colour palette. Purples and watermelon colours, ace. Or maybe it is the triangles. I just love it.

20130302-IMG_3235.jpg I sat around for ages just pushing swatches of plain fabric together seeing if I could recreate the colours. It was good fun.

20130315-P1250163.jpg I have also been lamenting over some of the baby clothes which are getting too small for Penelope. This dress has lovely colours in it. Almost Amish colours in a weird, modern way. I would love to cut it up along with the tshirt and make a little purpley quilt. The dress is too nice to cut up though.

20130315-P1250160.jpg I could add some of my treasured Liberty fabric I bought when I splashed out at Liberty before the baby. I had been thinking I would learn to smock and make some frilly, baby dress. Maybe I still should. The fabric is just so nice.

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