Thursday, March 14, 2013

Left alone with the internet

20130315-P1250145.jpg So after patting myself on the back for not buying very much at Chilford/Duxford, I started to feel a bit sad that I didn't have any new things to coo over. So I started looking on the web. I'm in a hard place because all my current projects have been going on too long and are too big. The sawtooth star quilt is a beast! The postage stamp quilt is a labour of love and quite frankly, I am itching to do something new. I find new things very invigorating. I can almost see a time ahead when I might be able to actually do some sewing... almost.

Anyway I often read Katie's roundup of what's new in the fabric world as I just don't see these modern fabrics at quilt shows. When I saw the Micheal Miller neon range at Pink Castle fabrics, I just had to have some as I have loved neon forever. It's annoying that you can't get this in the UK but such is life on our little island.

20130105-IMG_2599.jpg I have no idea what it will become. I think it might not look great all together. A bit over neon colour train crash, but as an accent colour perhaps. I already feel that it is too precious to use! I was thinking I could use the neon pink as piping for some plain grey cushions perhaps. I saw this as inspiration. I have a lovely duvet cover by La Cerise sur le Gateau which has florescent piping. It is SO cool.

In the meantime I might just stare at it and feel guilty about buying it.

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