Sunday, March 03, 2013

Rolling a Scarf Edge

20130303-P1240802.jpg When I was at school my mum taught me how to hand roll a silk scarf and I did a textiles projects which involved rolling loads of scarves. I have really forgotten how to do it but I decided to give it a go as I have bought some cheap neon chiffon from the local craft shop because Penelope is mad about scarves being drapped over her face. She finds it just SO EXCITING. So here I am, £2.50 later, trying to roll the edges of my chiffon. It's not going too badly.

20130303-P1240807.jpg I'm pretty sure I am doing it right. Basically I travel the stitch through my rolled bit so you only see small stitches on the scarf.

Rolling silk scarf This is what the other side looks like. It's a good thing I just happen to have matching neon thread. Madeira Polyneaon to be exact.

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