Monday, March 11, 2013


Day 186 - Back to laughing So I finally managed to make my first quilt show since the arrival of Pen. Here she is, 6 months old, on the Worn and Washed quilt I made with grandad's old pillowcase. The quilt is her rolling around quilt and could do with a clean. It gets softer and better with cleaning so it's perfect.

Well Duxford is no Chilford. We've gone from historic barn, giant scones and oil paintings to mighty aircraft hangers, fighter planes and clattering cutlery. Oh well, nothing lasts forever, but the food is not a patch on Chilford, not a patch. And, you know, if I had to criticise, then I would say they need more seating and wider gaps between tables in the cafe. There are so many people who come who are in mobility vehicles or who have sticks, I just thought it would have made perfect sense to spread out a bit and allow them to sit down in the quilt display and to fit comfortably in the cafe.

20130310-P1250013.jpg Anyway, on a more positive note, there were lots of lovely things to look at. I didn't buy much though as I am sans funds these days, plus I haven't been doing as much.

I bought some pretty flowery stuff from Maggie Wise at Sunflower Fabrics because it's tradition to buy something. I am so into my Liberty lawns at the moment that I thought these flowers would fit in nicely. I also bought some more linen as it's so nice. Maggie also reminded me that mum gave me a Liberty kit from her for Christmas which I need to get going on. It's great to go and touch the finished quilts again to remind myself how lovely they are. It really is one of my favourite things to do every quilt show. You'd think I'd tire of it but I don't!

Other than that I bought some cheap stripy fabric from fabrics Galore thinking I could use it to bind my star quilt perhaps. Originally I was going to use strips of fabric used in the stars but I have used most of it up making the stars themselves so I doubt I will have enough. I thought the bright pink might offset the paleness of the quilt nicely. Or I might just bind it in plain white. We'll see.

20130310-P1250011.jpg Mum had also bought me a present I discovered when we got home! These lovely Liberty shapes from Kim's Worn and Washed stall. What a great idea. I might try making a mini Jacob's coat out of them. I am not sure whether to do it the old pieced way or the applique way. I think applique would be best. I need to count them up and see how many it will make.

20130309-IMG_3300.jpg I had been admiring another Liberty kit on her stall. Isn't it pretty! I could do that with scraps from my postage stamp quilt. Maybe I will sift out the dodgy blocks I have done which don't line up and make them into a small mini quilt like that. Oh so many ideas! It is also very inspiring to go to a quilt show!

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Nuice Sue said...

What a beautiful, happy smily baby.