Thursday, June 23, 2016

Farmer's Wife Progress

Yes it's that time again. Time to take stock and lay everything out.

Every now and again I catch sight of the growing pile of blocks and I feet the end approaching. I have felt a bit lost about how the whole thing is going to come together. I think I have finally realised that the setting for the original Farmer's Wife is more to my liking than the 1930's one. So I think that is how I am going to lay it out.

I took a moment to lay all the blocks so far out on the bed to get some idea of how it might look. I was surprised by how big it is already. It kind of seems big enough without the remaining 18 blocks. Where are they going to go? At the moment it is 8 blocks by 9 blocks but I could a row to the top and side and make a huuuge quilt.

Jeez. I said I wouldn't do this! I think if I did do that then I would have a very narrow border and only quilt down either side of the sashing if I can get it through the machine. We'll see. The whole top row on the left represent my least favourite blocks so I could just edit quite a few out and stick with with the current dimensions.

I was also surprised by how nice it looked. To be honest, some blocks feel a little bright and garish but all together surrounded by white it seems to work and looks bright and happy.

Now I just have to choose the fabrics for the sashing, border and binding. I saw this fabric combination on Instagram on Laura_zuckerkuss's feed. It just seemed like a perfect combination. And she had helpfully listed where she got them and what they all were! Thanks Laura!
So from the bottom up we have Michael Miller basic little stripes in pink, Kona Cotton in peach, Cotton and Steel sprinkles in petal and peaches and Kona Cotton in bubble gum and carnation. All from Simply Solids. And they arrived really quickly!

I think the pink stripe will be perfect for the binding. I tried all the others but decided the sashing should be white, but the squares in the sashing might be a combination of the Cotton and Steel sprinkles. I actually would like to make something small with all of them together as I think they look so pretty. So now I just have to take the plunge and order the enormous amount I will need to finish this beast. It occurs to me that if I could actually get this done by Festival of Quilts time, then I will feel free to shop for new projects. There are a lot churning. 

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