Sunday, June 19, 2016

FW75: Nan & FW76: Nancy

This week I only made one block as I decided to drop Nan block. Aside from the fact I am not really religious, it's also another block that tries to make a shape like the daffodil block I dropped. I just don't do 'objects' in blocks, I prefer geometric patterns and I always seem to like the symmetrical blocks like Nancy. But Nancy was a bit easy and quick compared to some of the blocks coming up so to make up for that I organised myself and started prepping the next 6 blocks. I even managed to make three of them! So I am well ahead of myself. I really feel as if there is some downward momentum building. I am itching to get to the finish line as I feel the prospect of actually sewing this beast together is weighing me down. I am really thinking about the end result now and how I will put it all together. I am starting to think I might revert to the original Farmer's Wife layout as I think I kinda, sorta prefer it. The cogs are grinding as I think on this complex problem.

Nancy block
I really enjoyed the simplicity of this block. I added the extra colour just to give it a bit more depth and I am really happy with the end result.

It turned out pretty neat and tidy. I don't pin much but this time I pinned everything. It really helps.

Even the back is pretty neat.

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