Monday, June 06, 2016

FW71: Mrs Morgan & FW72: Mrs Smith

This week was a difficult one. But I am finally caught up. I had to do some of them at mums in order not to fall behind but it worked out really well. The kids played so nicely I had plenty of time to do them at my leisure; such a joy! I find that I am often rushing which doesn't help with the more complex blocks. I never feel I have read through everything or understood exactly what I am doing, I just plough into it and face problems as they arise. And now we get a week off which is excellent as I can catch up on the one last block I am missing so far. This week I wanted to use my kokka flower fabric. It's so pretty. I think it goes quite well with the peach fabric. They feel bright and sunny which is good. I am really happy with both blocks.

Mrs Morgan block
I really like this block. I wasn't expecting to, but I do. I am glad I used some yellow fabric in this. I think the balance is right.

And everything matches up well. It was a nice block to make.

Mrs Smith block
A lot of pieces in this one which made it a bit daunting but it all came together well; lots of nesting seams.

The pink is a bit recessive but I wanted to have blocks with peach and pink in as I love the colour combination.

The only blip is the edge of the centre star but overall I am pretty happy that nearly everything else lines up. I sewed this block at mums over half term using her Juki machine which is an absolute joy to use. You can start sewing immediately and it is so smooth, plus is has a cutting thread button which cuts the threads really short so no having to get in there with scissors to trim them. It only does straight stitch but it really does it well!

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