Wednesday, June 22, 2016

FW79: Patience & FW80: Patricia

This week I have sped into the future. I am on a roll what can I say! I decided to yet again only do one block as I felt that Patience was a little easy. Then I felt bad and decided to give it go. It seemed a good chance to use up the last of my cat fabric. It's been hacked to bits with all this fussy cutting but there were still a few gems left. I have also started to think about the finish line. Not long now. In fact I laid out the quilt and realised that I really have enough blocks already! More on that in another post. The other great thing this week is that I finally bought a new computer so I have a beautiful shiny new screen to look at. I was using an old lapt before that where the screen flickers and is dark. I had noticed it was impossible to see if some of my shots were dark and murky. So they should look a bit brighter from now on. Back to the blocks.

Patience Block
I am really glad I did this block in the end. It was lovely and simple to put together. You almost didn't need to foundation piece it. I have used this fabric combination a few times now but I am running low on both so it was nice to squeeze another block out of them.

On reflection I think this will look good next to one of the more complicated blocks.

I love the centre unit where the cat is looking behind at the kitten. It is like she has been sawn in half by a magician.

Patricia Block
Well, this is a first. Only once before did I get my colours mixed when marking my papers, but noticed as soon as I started sewing. This time I really had no idea until I had made the complete block, but there you have it, my classic Churn Dash block has become something else after I mixed up my corner triangle colours. I am a bit sad, but I quite like the different pattern it has created.

I am really pleased with the use of yellow here. It is only supposed to be a highlight colour so only used in small bits but seeing as I have broken every other rule in the book I don't see why this one should be any exception. I really like this low volume fabric. I like all the different elements within it. I really want to make my own on Spoonflower as I have lots of old examples in books down the cellar. But, well, they are down in the cellar where the mice live...

Even the back turned out pretty neatly! It was a very easy block to make, even though I ballsed it up, so one to add to the 'make again' list.

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Ann said...

I've enjoyed following progress on this. Can't wait to see what it looks like all together.