Thursday, July 07, 2016

FW83: Poppy & FW84: Posy

This week I decided to only do one of the two blocks. Block 83 Poppy was just too many odd angles. I just don't think it looks very comfortable. It's not symetrical which I realise I prefer. But it did give me a chance to start thinking about the complete quilt. I sat down and worked out my layout. I have two options which I will choose between when I lay the finished blocks out on the bed again. But more about that in a separate post.

Block 84 Posy
This block was surprisingly tricky. I didn't end up doing it very well. You can see it's wonky and the angled points are all over the place. It kid of caught me off guard. It's another secret Y-seam block. It just annoyed me. I am glad it's over.

I do really like the finished result though. I used my favourite colour combination again. I need to stop it or it will affect the balance of the quilt! I just love this combination.

If you look at the right corner of the central point you will see where I bodged it. It's got a small crease and I had to do lots of unpicking and stretching just ti get it this good. Life is too short to put so much energy into such a tiny point! I know though, that when the quilt is all made up I will always be drawn to this point and wish I had made the effort to re do it. But I am not wasting my favourite fabrics!

At least the back is pretty tidy for me.

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