Friday, July 08, 2016

FW85: Primrose & FW86: Priscilla

This week was one easy block and one hard one. Only hard in that it had lots of bits.

Block 85 Primrose
Block 85: Primrose
I decided to do a scrappy version. I am not sure it really works but I really like it anyway. I love seeing all the pinks and peaches together. I only wish the two like light pinks in the big triangle below the central strip and the small one to the right weren't the same colour. I didn't really think it out. I couldn't. I just did it randomly. It was a russian roulette chance that two the same would appear next to each other.

I think it looks very jolly. I think it will fit in nicely. So many small bits! It took an entire football match for me to put it together. Not that I watch football, but it was a convenient way of timing it.

I pinned all my points when I sewed sections together. I have a good technique now. I push a pin through the point on one fabric then through the facing one. I line the pin up straight then take it out and pin properly. That doesn't really make sense does it? Maybe one day I will try and make a video! Ooh hark at me!

Block 86 Priscilla
Considering this was such a simple block, I still managed to balls it up. I cut the low volume bits too small so I had to unpick a seam. Look you can see on the top left my row of holes! I hope it seals up. To be honest, I am not that into the block. It's totally warped from being cut at a silly angle.

Look at all those wavy, it's not ideal.

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