Sunday, July 10, 2016

Next project


So because there always has to be something epic on the go, it's time to think up the next sofa project once the Farmer's Wife draws to a close. I only have 4 more blocks to precut and then I won't know what to do with myself in front of the TV.

The best sofa projects are ones which don't involve a sewing machine. I've been thinking for some time that it's time for a new EPP (English paper piecing) project. The last big one I did was Penelope's quilt which I did whilst I lay on the sofa with my fat ankles up in the air. Since then I've done a few bits but I haven't done anything sizeable. Above are some of the contenders for next project!

1. Smitten by Lucy Carson Kingwell

I've been thinking about this project since Christmas when I saw Jooles' version shown above. I love the combination of Moda Day Sail fabric and Liberty Lawn. Mum bought me the pattern and some Marti Mitchel templates for this project for xmas so it's all ready to go. I have a box of Liberty fabric that mum gave me from her dressmaking days plus a few bits I bought in Birmingham and I also have some of the same daysail text fabric. Or of course, I could do something brighter like this. I like the idea of bright stripes.

2. Rose Star Mug Rug by Night Quilter 
I love the smallness of this project. I also love the splash of green. I think it works really well in those colours. Of course, in Kitty's tutorial you use a Sizzix machine which I don't have, but there are other good tutorials about making the templates like this one. 

3. Diamond hex by My Paper Crane
I love the fabrics and the brightness of this, plus the pattern is only $1! Result. I bought this for Rachel's birthday and printed out the templates on card for her. I also made one block into a mug rug for her. I'd love to do it again as I think I would improve on the fabric combination by introducing plain fabrics into the mix and I would brush up on my sewing technique!

4. Clamshell Quilt

I actually bought this pattern years ago. I even have some spotty fabric set aside. I just love it. I'd just need to work out what other fabrics to use. 

5. Pickledish by Kaffe Fassett
I have wanted to make one of these for a while; not a huge one, just one block as a mini quilt would be enough. There are two patterns that people speak about, the one in Material Obsession Two which Rachel has and the one in Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Romance. I love the fabrics that Ashley used.

. Patchwork of the crosses 

I have loved this quilt for a long, long time. I eventually bought the Linda Franz pattern and set it aside for a rainy day. It's a big EPP project so I might smallify it. Another nice one for Liberty fabrics. I think it would be nice to do it in really traditional fabrics. Again, Kitty from Night quilter has done a Sizzix post about it. I love her modern fabrics. It makes it seem like a totally different quilt. I might buy some diamonds at Birmingham. You can get a starter pack at Sew and Quilt.

7. Constellation by Haptic Lab
I love the simplicity of this project. I like it in blue and in white. It would be a great thing to do with some old sheets. I like the french knots people do for asteroids. I think it would look really tasteful.

8. La Passacaglia quilt from Millefiori Quilts
This is an epic quilt. It looks like hard work. There are some great fussy cut blocks out there like this one, and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one. Jeez so many options. I worry about all the waste with fussy cutting though and I am not sure how it looks all together though. It's hard to tell if it just becomes a big mess or not. You can get a starter pack at Sew and Quilt.

9. Grandmas surprise 

I think this pattern looks really good when made in a rainbow of colours. This post tells you all about the block. It's pretty simple really, but makes a great complete quilt.  

10. Bring me Flowers

I love seeing the fabrics people use. I love this one by Sharni. I think it would be nice to treat each block as it's own project and use lots of spots and stripes. All the Jen Kingwell patterns are so thorough and full of pictures. Plus she also has a range of fabric out currently which would be perfect. Luckily you can get the pattern in the UK from Sew Hot, Running Chicken and Pretty Fabrics and Trim. I might be tempted to buy the pattern if I see it at Birmingham.

11. Dresden plate
There are lots of patterns for this out there. I think it helps to have a dresden plate ruler, something I thought about buying at Birmingham last year but somehow failed to buy. The Priory Square look book one is great, or this free pattern for a mini one from A Crafty Fox plus Material Obsession One do one like this version Deirdre made but I also think just a traditional one on white looks great. Here is a good tutorial.

12. Ferris Wheel Mini Quilt

I saw a pattern much like this over at Imagingermonkey's blog but she's closed it down now. But this mini version is much the same. 

How do you choose?
Well first off, I think it better to choose a project I already have the pattern for. And then I think about my current fabric crushes and think what project would suit them best. Here are some ranges I would like to use. 

So I am thinking The Smitten is the way forwards really as I have the pattern. I still need to finish The Farmer's Wife, but I am going to start thinking about fabric for this pattern. Either I buy it at Birmingham or take the plunge with one of the ranges above and maybe dig out something from my stash like this crazy cooking fabric I have some of. I am really into the fabrics I bought for my FW sashing and I think the Cotton Candy would go really well with that. I already have some fat Quarters I used for Rachel's mug rug so I would just need to build on that. Plus I think the Playground fabric might go well with that. So time to think about fabric slowly whilst I dig out the pattern. Who's in? 

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Ann said...

Rachel mentioned the Smitten pattern, and I am tempted. I love the look of Playground and Cotton Candy, but I am on a budget, so may have to use what I have.