Thursday, July 14, 2016

FW87: Prudence & FW88: Rosemary

This week I did both blocks and I only have two blocks left to cut out the fabric for. The others are all in bags sitting by the sewing machine. I am itching to get them all finished. I can't believe we will soon be in the 90s! I also did some tidying up. I seem to leave heaps of tiny scraps of paper and fabric everywhere and little bits of thread are all over my clothes. I like to trim all the loose ends quite close to the block otherwise they get tangles up later on. I need a little bin underneath my machine as currently I just shove it all under my perspex table which attaches to my machine. It's a mess.

Block 87 Prudence
Cripes. What a complex mess of Y-seams. I wish I had made the changes that The Patchsmith recommended. I didn't enjoy sewing this block at all. Y-seams just take all the pleasure out of a block. It's a wrinkly mess!

It barely lies flat! But I did it! I really like the yellow here though. It's bright and sunny.

The back is a bit of a mess, but I followed the instructions to a T!

Block 88 Rosemary
This block didn't iron out very flat in the end which annoys me. There were quite a few thick seams. But it all lines up pretty well which is good. I am not sure about my fabric choices but I wanted to use up some more of the blue fabric.

The print is really too large so I have only really had success with it on some of the more simple blocks but I wanted it to appear in a few more blocks to give the overall quilt balance. I do like the pink and orange together.

The back seams are so thick. I am just glad these two are over.

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