Monday, August 08, 2011

Continuous Binding


So in honour of progressing and learning new things, I have bought a binding tool. I tried continuous binding a while a go and really didn't get it. I made a right hash of it in fact. Here it is before I tried to sew it down.

Incubator 06

It looked terrible at the end and so I really haven't tried to do it since, but the tool had this video where they make it look simple.


In other news. I took my eyeball melt quilt home to show my mum all my mistakes. I told her how my machine binding was a travesty to quiltmaking. She asked me why I didn't just go over the whole lot with a fancy stitch like she did on a quilt she made me. I sighed and realised I am just not that dedicated to its cause. Here is what my mum meant.

Quilt 04

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