Saturday, August 20, 2011

My weekend


It's a quiet time to myself this weekend. There are lots of things I could be doing, but after Birmingham, I just wanted to have a weekend to myself so I sit down and make something with no outside interruptions. It's been great because I can stay up late and not go out in the daytime now it is pouring with rain.

I have a couple of small projects lined up to soften the longer, more intensive projects I am thinking about starting. One of my main problems is always space. I never have enough surface space to lay big quilts out. I find it hard feeding them through the sewing machine. They are just an effort in my space. So I decided to make a cutting mat quilt. Basically this just meant that it was no bigger than the mat, making it an easy thing to handle.

A while a go I saw this lovely backing on a quilt made by Namoo on Etsy, all in tasteful greys and yellows. I just thought it was ace and I wanted to make exactly the same thing. Of course these things never turn out the same because I always change my mind halfway through when I see the next thing I like!

Pinterest is my newest love as it allow me to make a virtual pinboard of all the things I see which inspire me. I think everyone should sign up and befriend me on it!

Anyway, Rachel and I had bought cheap brushed cotton sheets from Tescos for a fiver so I thought it could be lovely and soft. I had quite a few bits of material for it already and I picked up a few at Birmingham so I was all set. I decided to do just simple squares on the front and recreate the backing I had seen for it.

Yellow Quilt
Because it's small, I had my first go at pin basting. I don't think it's perfect as I have one wrinkle in the back but it's pretty good considering it took minutes to baste.

Yellow Quilt
Here it is all basted together last night. You can see where I had sewn two bits of wadding together. I get quite a few leftovers so it's good to use them up.

Yello Quilt
Then I stayed up late doing half the machine quilting, then I got up early and did the rest.

Yellow Quilt
I don't think the back looks as nice with the criss cross pattern on it but you live and learn.

Now it's all trimmed and waiting for me to iron the material for the borders and attach that. Then I can sit and tie off the ends. I'll be done by tomorrow night! Until then...

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ray said...

OMG! That's lovely! You whipped it up in no time!