Monday, August 15, 2011

What I bought!

So what did I buy at the quilt show? Wellll, I thought I did quite well, but I seem to have accumulated a lot. I don't know how it happened! Some things I needed... others... well, they will be useful one day!

At first I didn't buy very much. There was nothing I actually needed. It's quite nice not to feel you have to buy anything. One thing I did realise though is that I often just buy random fat quarters then I am annoyed when nothing quite matches. So when I saw the above material, I remembered it matched a similar set I bought from Chilford.

The one great thing I did get is this template which is just the right size for the big hexagons I am going to make. I also got pre-cut papers. How lazy am I? I was just so excited as I didn't think they would make either so big. If it makes life a little bit easier then why not?

Rachel showed me a great quilt pattern which I bought. We have decided both make it. Even though we still haven't made our sawtooth star quilt yet. The pattern asks for 18 far quarters but I think we will make it 2/3rds of the size. So we bought some material for it. I am very excited about it. More on that in a later post.

Petraprins was there again this year. My favourite stall can never go unmissed, but I felt quilt frugal this time which surprised me.

Another useful purchase. I am making a small quilt based on a lovely one I saw on Etsy. I loved the backing. I mean the front is nice, but the back really caught my attention. I felt that the colours were so tasteful, all yellows and greys, so I bought this material to go with it. More about that later!

And last but it least, I bought some material right near the end from The Eternal Maker, just because it looked pretty and I didn't want to have any regrets.

So that's it! My haul. I had a great time. I wish I had had longer as there is such a lot to look round. But I only would have spent more money!

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