Monday, August 15, 2011

The Festival of Quilts


The festival of Quilts 2011 was on this week at the Birmingham NEC. Mum wasn't going this year which made me very sad, but I decided to go along for the day anyway and see what was going on. The pendalino train affected me quite badly this time and I have basically felt sick all weekend ever since! It's a terrible affliction travel sickness. But it didn't stop me looking at all the amazing quilts and buying lots of things I didn't need! I thought it was a bit less busy this year which was nice as it was easier to see things, especially the Cotton Patch which has a lot of the contemporary material and which is usually rammed.


This year I was quite fixated on quilts that are very bright or totally patterned. I think to make myself feel better about my crazy technicolour quilt. Here are some pictures from the show.

Pattern overload, but it kind of works.

All the colours ever conceived, but it works.

The ever tasteful Kaffe Fasset. In the end I felt rather good about my quilt. Then I just moved on to looking at everything!

This quilt was really amazing. I don't think you quite see that here.

After doing a single girl quilt, I can really appreciate how hard double wedding ring is. This one is perfect.

I was really drawn to the hand rendered things this year. It was so perfect. It makes me realise I just need to be better!

The sheer size of some of the hand rendered stuff just blows your mind. I mean how long did that take to make? It's amazing.

Just look at the detail! It's perfect.

Another perfect detail...

From this huge quilt! Lovely.

I like scalloped edges. I have only done it once and it was surprising easy. It might be time for another go at it soon.

I am very interested in solid colours at the moment and how they go together.

My favourite section is always the mini quilt section.

They are tiny! They are obviously made by mice or robots.

I also like the three dimensional section. There is always something crazy! I love these little lace people.

I've never done a class but this one looked good.

I think they were making this long wall hanging.

Anyway, It's a huge post. Tomorrow I will show you what I bought and show you my finished quilt! That makes two quilts I finished before the show, which hopefully justifies some of my big spend.

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