Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Like Mums

My mother is a great maker of things. She has made things as long as I can remember. Some things just remind me of her and the things she makes. One of those things is William Morris. Every cushion, curtain and table cloth in our house seems to be made with William Morris material. The other day she showed me a sewing case she had made out of Morris material and weirdly enough the iPad fit in it perfectly so I borrowed it for a while. To be honest, Morris isn't an all-time love of mine, but there is something so... warm and familiar about it. Eventually I decided that I had to give it back as it wasn't really mine, but mum, meanwhile had ferreted out a remnant from our kitchen curtains and told me I should make my own. So this weekend I made my mumple ipad case! She chose every coloured item in order that it be 100% mum choice. And she made me do it properly!


Behold a corner of my parents house. You can see a Morris table cloth, a cushion, mums sewing bag on the left and the material she gave me laid out flat. I cut a section of the material 22" x 14" and backed it with some batting mum had lying around.


I drew chalk lines at 45° angles 1 1/2" increments. I picked out 5 threads and mum chose the blue.


I sewed over my chalk lines using mum's super duper Juki industrial machine which is so fast! I also sewed some velcro onto what would become the flap and the pocket front.


I added the inside backing underneath, pinned it together, trimmed the edges down to a finished size of 22" x 13". Then I sewed the binding onto the front flap and folded and pinned it into shape. I sewed round the whole thing 1/8" to stabalise it which you can see here as I hold it up against the kitchen curtain!


Then I sewed on the remainder of the 1 1/4" binding cit on the bias.


And here it is finished! Just like mum would make!

ipad case

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