Friday, January 08, 2016

FW25: Crystal & FW26: Daffodil

This week I almost decided to drop both blocks. I wasn't that sure about them, then I started to see other people's versions and I relented... a bit. I did decide to drop Daffodil in the end. It's just not my kind of block. I haven't really been into that kind of foundation piecing where you make a representaion of a real object as they always look clumsy in their geometric confines. So I decided to drop it. I might go back to it but for now it's on hold. So one block this week!

FW25 Crystal


This block came together much more easily that I thought it would, It looked like a bit of a pain to be honest. I probably spent more time choosing the fabrics. I saw several really nice versions which convinced me about it. MyBearPaw has created a version that is pattern galore. I have been looking at several of mine thinking the patterns clash with the complexity of the block so that in the end you can't really see the block you just get a mess. So what makes me like this version? It is obviously doing something right that I am not! But it was this block by ThePatchSmith that finally convinced me to make the block. All her blocks great and I think that could be the white fabric she uses; it makes them cleaner and coheres them into a set. It makes me a bit sad I didn't use white! but after the Jitterbug I wanted to use more greys. So I used my grey for the white and kept to the same tonal values. And here I have used a fat 16th of fabric I got from Maggie Wise years a go which I have never been able to unfold from the pack I love it so much. It feels a bit blowsy now but here it looks perfect. This could be my favourite block! And I feel like I broke through some fabric hoarding instinct.


The only glitch was the final sewing of the two halves. There is another block like this coming up soon as I will use the sew from the centre out each way technique next time.

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