Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FW31: Eva & FW32: Fanny

These were the first blocks I attempted after Christmas. In my usual style I had a few mishaps. For some reason this week I totally fell in love with other people's versions. So much so, it made me sad about my rubbishy fabric choices. Hence I bought some new fat quarters. I had run out of a few of mine and knew when I started that I didn't have as many as they say you need (30?). So I didn't feel too bad about it. They were way off my original palette a bit though.

Sarah from PrettyfabricsAndTrims made this Ava block. They are all available to buy on her great website. It was so easy, I just had to do it. It was the Kokka orange flowers and the orange dots that I liked really. It just seemed very jolly. I bought the wrong dots though which is a shame but it's still fresh and different. Heaven knows if it really goes but so many people seem to just be doing every colour under the sun I just decided it couldn't hurt, plus I am always a bit disappointed with myself when I see I have yet again used exactly the same three fabrics in a block.

Kerry made this Fanny block and I was totally sold on the bright colours. Mine all seemed boring and recessive in contrast. I felt depressed. Then I thought to myself: 'why can't I just change my mind? Do what I want? do what other people are doing? so what if they don't match? Live a little!'

So orange and yellow and maybe a patterned bright pink were on the cards. I sifted through my stash but apart from solid yellow, I had nothing to match so I delved into Pretty Fabrics and Trim and bought the same fabrics I had seen. It was very rejuvenating. That's the great thing about seeing current projects people are doing. All the fabrics are still available! A bit of a splurge but I feel excited again so I think it was worth it.


They feel much brighter and fresher. I am excited by the yellow. And the white spots might make for some cleaner blocks. It'll either look terrible against my grey blocks or it will work. I kind of think it should look like a big happy variety of colours.

Look at this amazing combination of colours by Jen Kingwell. How am I ever going to reach those heights if I always stick to the same colours? I would love to do that block of the month. If I had $50 a month I would be right in there. I do have one of her other patterns which one day I hope to do so I could be using this current project as a test of putting a wide range of colours and styles together.

FW31: Eva

This came together pretty quickly considering how complex it is. There have been a few like this one now so it felt like familiar ground. It's a familiar colour theme which I need to stop doing if I want variety but it does use some left over fabric I had from Rose Madder which I bought years a go to make my sewing machine cover with so it was a slight stash buster. And everything lines up which is pretty amazing.

I didn't think I was going to like it. It felt like another Alice block which I did not enjoy, probably because I had to do it twice and because it was the first really complex block I tried. I had visions of it taking ages but now I am in the zone it was pretty easy. And I really like it!

Even the back is pretty neat. I didn't even press my seams open, it just all fitted together. Great.

FW32: Fanny
Another 'fit to page' casualty. Damn my printer! It amazes me how I can make such a lame mistake again. It's so annoying. I was gutted, especially as I am only just getting back my mojo. It's half an inch too small on the left. D'oh! In the end I just tried not to think about it and made another one straight away.

The process is pretty easy. I just kept on chugging. I do find that the more lining up there is of different units then the more you need to iron and starch inbetween if you want those seams to line up perfectly. It's slow work but it makes a very tidy block. I was worried I would rush the second attempt but I was very good! Gold star.

I swapped out the green fabric and used the flower fabric which I rejected from the Jitterbug quilt. It's perfect here and I am really happy with the change. It feels less ice cream coloured somehow. And behold! The first use of yellow. Daring... I think I like it though.

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