Monday, January 25, 2016

FW33: Farmer's Wife & FW34: Fern

Finally I feel like I am breaking through the backlog and catching up. I'm also pretty happy with my new photography studio. It feels far less dingy.

Block 33: Farmer's Wife
This was pretty straightforward. I think Kerry was right about changing the piecing order though, something I did not take heed of and strangely, I cut some of my pieces a bit small so combined with sewing them a bit wonkily, lead to a bit of a messy block edge. Hopefully nothing that will show once it's all sewn together. But next time, use the longest strips as piece one. The centre is also a little bit off which shows a bit more than I thought it would. Everything else is pretty spot on though.

See my wonky edge up close. Jeeez. What a rookie error.

But I was pretty happy with my seams. It all lies pretty flat with some intense steaming from my iron added to the mix.

Block 34: Fern
I decided not to do this block. Another weird angled one with funny seams. Then I changed my mind. Probably because I had cut all the pieces and decided it might be a good experiment in mixing up my orange and yellows with my purples and pinks a bit. If it's rubbish then no loss. Then I realised I had once again printed the pattern out too small, but luckily I hadn't cut the pieces out. So it's on the back burner. I might get it done this week. I'll slot it in when/if I do. We'll see.

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