Sunday, January 03, 2016

The Year Review


This year I made...
1. A Zakka sewing case
2. Bricolette block – I made it into a project bag for Rachel for Christmas. Post to come.
3. A mini quilt – Not finished yet
4. Mug rugs
5. A cowl
6. A mini quilt – fractal block
7. A teeny tiny feather block
8. A bigger fractal block – Unfinished, but more blocks to come
9. Penny's jolly little sofa quilt. I haven't posted a finished picture of this but I will!
10. Knitted cowl – No post about this. But I will do!
11. Feather project bag
12 & 13. Neutral half squares
14. Jitterbug
15. Donut Quilt
16. Farmer's wife - ongoing!

Not as great as last year but this year saw me lose my day off to sew which I had last year. And it also marked the end of naptime so sewing time is taking a bit of a break. I still get my evenings so I am still chugging.

There were a few quite big projects in there which I had not anticipated such as the donut quilt, the Jitterbug and the Farmer's Wife. They aren't all complete, but I need to bump up my year's offering so I am including them plus most of the hard work goes into the tops of these monsters.

I think the big success has been in learning to foundation piece. I started off making a simple block, then the fractal pattern, then finally the farmer's Wife and the Briolette. By now, I am finally learning all the tricks and I feel like I have got the hang of it. Jeez, when I look back at my first attempts I am horrified by my messy seams and bad technique. So I feel pretty good about that. I also love my triangle quilt. I have it at work as a lap quilt and I love just looking at it. It's just, well, rad.

I did pretty well with my 2015 project list, out of 7, I only have three are to be started. So over half is good enough for me. This year I did learn how to foundation piece. I started off small and now I seem to be in a big year long quilt a long! It's good to have a new skill. I really enjoy it.

Resolutions from last year
Use up all the fabric I bought from Birmingham – done!
Use scraps – done a bit!
Make small things from my project notebook – a few
To finish things and not have piles of projects lying around – um
Make more time for sewing – err...
Try to knit a bit – well one thing
Try to crochet a bit – nope
Learn to foundation piece – done!

Resolutions for 2016
To finish all the quilt tops in the queue
To do more hand piecing
To make a useful bag
To keep projects manageable. i.e. small
To start my Posie quilt finally!

Projects for 2016
My sew together bag – I haven't progressed with this at all! It's all waiting in a project bag though.
Medallion quilt – I started planning this. I have all the fabric selected. I just need to get going!
Donut quilt – I need to buy backing and wadding . I have been putting off the expense.
Jitterbug – I bought backing and wadding. I am all set. It is on the cards this week! I will do it!
Liberty postage stamp – So close! Just need to keep on quilting
Farmer's wife – Just need to keep on with the weekly block and no lose momentum. I already have some Christmas catching up to do but I might drop a few of these blocks as I am not sure I like them.
Posie improv quilt – Just need to sketch out a design and start cutting up my favourite fabrics

And new ideas…
I would like to make this quilt, just a small one. Using some of the newest Cotton & Steel fabric
Mumple bought me this pattern for Christmas. It's all paper piecing! Yikes
I might make this as a test first
I also have this pattern to think about

That's more than enough. I need to find more sewing time first and get back a laptop at home so I can take and upload pictures more easily and some light in the mornings or evenings would be useful.

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