Monday, January 25, 2016

FW35: Flora & FW36: Geneva

Hello bright mornings and snowdrops. Everything is starting to pick up pace and I am really into my new fabrics.

Block 35 Flora
Ok. I don't get this block. Whatever way I look at it, it just looks weird. So it felt like no great loss to choose it as the one I dropped.

Block 36 Geneva
I wasn't sure how much I liked this block either but actually I love it. I used all new fabrics for it and I really think they go with the other blocks fine. Another chance to inject some yellow! it was a pretty easy block in the end as each unit was the same. I do like a quick, simple block sometimes to ease things a little. I really liked how Kerry had given it a bit more depth by adding the third colour in the centre so I did the same.

This also makes me nearly up to date! I have one previous block to do if I feel so inspired but otherwise I am poised for the next block so I can do it with everyone else. Spring is a coming...

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