Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sofa time

Liberty mini So with ten days before giving birth I find myself more and more restricted to the sofa. I could be binding my Swoon offcut quilt but I'd have to make the binding first. I could be sewing together my sawtooth star blocks but then I wouldn't be able to put my puffy feet up. So I suddenly decided to insert a totally new project!

20111105-P1170324.jpg My mum gave me some Liberty fabric as she saw I had bought a little pack of it from Sunflower fabrics for my postage stamp quilt and then later asked for the 'Liberty in the Cabin' kit by Ruth Eglinton from Sunflower fabrics, I am just having a Liberty moment it seems.

Liberty mini So I made some templates and cut some strips. Now I am ready to give it a go. It might be too tiny. It might be perfect! We'll see how tricky it turns out to be.

Liberty Mini I decided to make the hexagons solid colours and the stars from the patterns. The patterns are lawn but the solid is voile so we'll see how that works out.

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