Monday, August 20, 2012

Hexagon update

Hexs So not that much to report. It's slow work and there have been guests to entertain over the weekend. I did manage to sew some bits on the bus though which was good and I have just cut out lots more fabric. You can see that I allow more than 1/4" seam. My seams are more like 1/2" and I don't really measure them I just cut them roughly in chunks of layers.

Hexs I've done Hexs just from whole squares and it works perfectly, it's just because these are so small and easy to cut that I have bothered cutting them out. The diamonds I would cut out but even they could just be rectangles. I don't think it really makes that much difference to the bulk of the finished product and actually I find them easier to tack as often the material moves and seams get smaller as you turn the template often leaving you with a super small last seam. Having more generous seams to begin with means less going backwards.

Hexs I might invest in some new Clover Black Gold Needles Applique / Sharps (No.9-10-12) needles that the Katy at Fat Quarterly recommends and some of the Clover Wonder Clips as they look quite useful. But you know, I don't really need them. I am just always tempted by pretty things. I've been reading all their EPP tutorials, they're really good if you want to understand how to do it from the ground up. I've got a really old book that was made in the 70's which I have had since I was little with everything in it. I think it was my sisters as she made a cushion when she was young and started making some flowers which have been abandoned in a plastic bag in my room for years.

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