Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hexagon mini update!

Liberty Mini I am pretty impressed with how quickly this is taking shape and I think it is going to look great.

Liberty Mini I might introduce some pinkier colours to see what those look like as this is really a tester. I'm so lucky. My mum just gave me this whole pack of hers just after I had bought one of my own! I spent so long deliberating over buying it as the fabric is so expensive and I really didn't know if I was going to take to it. Then suddenly I have two lots for the price of one! She's a very nice mumple!

Liberty Mini I'm pleased that it's not using up too much fabric either. I am so precious about my lawn. It's just so expensive! I worried it would be too thin but actually it's perfect. The fabric is just such good quality. I thought it might be slippy and silky and catch on my fingers all the time but so far it's behaved really well and folds to the points easily.

Liberty Mini I've been doing a basic whip stitch on my blocks. I know that there are other methods which are more invisible, but to my mind, this is handsewn and so should look so. I think it's just about using the right colour thread and making your stitches neat and even.

Hexagons A while back, I embarked on EPP (English paper piecing) by making the huge rainbow hexagon quilt. It's not actually complete. It's waiting for me to decide on a back fabric and finish it off. I stopped when I ran out of the fabric I had bought from Strawberry Fayre as I realised I didn't really like how my colours were coming out in strips but I do think it taught be a huge amount about sewing hexs. My one tip is to make your stitches quite close as it gives the straightest, neatest seam. That's a pretty easy task when you're working with 1" hexs. It was much slower going on the bigger version. Oh and avoid different thicknesses of fabrics as it's a pain making them join! Hence my worries about using lawn and voile but so far so good. Anyway, more updates as I progress. I am already so pleased with it! Much more so than the monster above! I swear it looks better in real life though.

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Kim said...

Well that was quick work! The colours are lovely together, and I like the pink in it. This will grow in no time!