Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hexagon progress

Liberty mini Well more progress was made today during sofa time. My mum knitted 13 matinee jackets when she was waiting to give birth. She's an amazing knitter, she doesn't even need to look at what she is doing. I knit like a snail and I can't fix a mistake. But sewing mini hexs is easy peasy!

Liberty mini I've scaled mine down to 1" Hexs. It just came out that way. It's coming together great. Some of the joins are a little hairy but I just tell myself how handmade it will look. I am not sure how big it will be. I might just keep on going until the Big Day!

Hexadoodle I was really inspired to do this by seeing Ruth's work. Just the intricacy and the detail in the fabrics. I love the small prints. Ruth was kind enough to send me the pattern as I can't really do geometry, thanks Ruth! I have some templates somewhere and lots of books with it all in but, yes, they are all buried deep in boxes. The bane of moving house. I'll never find them again amongst the sea of boxes.

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