Friday, August 17, 2012

Pillowcase Baby Quilt

20120609-P1210006.jpg So I decided to make a little moses basket quilt. I thought it would be a perfect scrap bag project as the quilt only needs to be 18"x22.5". I saw this Honey Bee block on Flickr and it gave me the idea to make a simple plain white, soft quilt with a few of the yellow petals appliqued in the corners. Rachel had made some lovely mini bunting with yellow bias binding and I was really struck by how nice the yellow was. I thought it would look great with some soft, squidgy brushed cotton.

20120609-P1200993.jpg Then I found a brushed cotton pillowcase in Tescos for £3.50. Suddenly the idea was born! So I dug everything else out of the cupboard just before we moved. I found some strips of old wadding and some yellow bits from the scrap bag to do some small applique with. I'm always chuffed when a project uses offcuts and scraps.

20120609-P1210007.jpg I cut the seams off the edges to give me front and back fabric panels. Then I used my wadding tape to tape lots of strips together to make one big panel of wadding.

20120609-P1200999.jpg Then I cut some petal shapes out of freezer paper and ironed then onto my scraps which I then cut out. I think I've been a bit mean with the seem but hey ho. So now I get to sit and tack them all before I apply them. Time to watch some mindless telly.

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