Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Liberty Fabric

20120823-P1220179.jpg Here is the Liberty fabric I am using for the hexagon quilt. I noticed that not only are people seeming to do little english paper piecing projects, but there are also mini Liberty projects popping up of late. Above is my green fabric with one pink diamond.

20120823-P1220177.jpg I alternate between two pink options on the diamonds.

20120823-P1220175.jpg And here is the pink diamond. I thought it might be useful to keep a record of the fabrics I was using as they seem to have a lifespan and are not always available at Liberties. I would hate to run out and not be able to find anymore. I managed to work out all the fabric names except the moth one. Any heads up as to what it's called would be great!

Pink Liberty 1. Nancy-Ann-B-Tana-Lawn. 2. Liberty-moths. (this is the one I am unsure of the name) 3. Eloise-C-Tana-Lawn. 4. Mabelle-C-tana-lawn. 5. Fairford-A-Tana-Lawn. 6. Edenham-L-Tana-Lawn.

Green Liberty 1. Capel-L-Tana-Lawn. 2. Lauren-B-Tana-Lawn. 3. Mabelle-B-tana-lawn. 4. Meadow-F-tana-lawn. 5. Mitsi-C-Tana-Lawn. 6. Lilians-Berries-B-Tana-Lawn.


Very Berry Handmade said...

This is beautiful work. I love your colour combinations. I have pinned this on my Pinterest 'Liberty Inspiration' board, I hope that's ok. :-)

Very Berry Handmade said...

Oh that's a shame, I'm not allowed to pin. Never mind...!

Jaypeg said...

I have no idea why it won't let you pin pictures. it infuriates me as I would be honoured to be pinned by people. Try it again. I think if I make the pictures not private on flickr it works

Blue Moth said...

Lovely work. I agree with you about the names of all the liberty prints - I've started sticking scraps into a little book so I can keep a record that way.

Happysue said...

Hi there! I have the same moths print and have been wondering what it was called. I have done some research and found that it is called August Stripe - thought you might want to know....!